CSR, Business Partnerships, Corporate Activities

We are always looking for partners to create mutually beneficial fundraising campaigns, media partnerships, or join existing project.

Here are some other ways your company can contribute:

Holding Hands

Contribute to water projects, operations or the tools that make giving safe drinking water possible:Corporate gift

  • Percentage of sale

  • Matching

  • Gifts in Kind - we are always looking for soap and things like coloring books for kids

Volunteers Serving Food

Rally your employees and customers to fundraise and spread the word:

  • Employee fundraising

  • Customer fundraising

  • Community Outreach

  • Media support, social media shoutouts, event integration


Every time you purchase a filter from Terra you support our social and environmental programming. Terra gives special rates to our business partners:

  • Buy or subsidize the cost of filters for your employees so they have safe drinking water for themselves and their families. 

  • Buy a round a filters for a local community or project you want to support

About partnerships:

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