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Everyone Deserves The Right to Clean Water

$40 will give a family 2 years of safe drinking and essential water, sanitation, and hygiene education which leads to long-term health practices back home.

Support Terra to Provide
Clean Water for Everyone!


Thank you for your support!

More than 89% of water sources in Indonesia are contaminated with E. coli.

It’s no surprise then that one-quarter of all children under 5 suffer from diarrhea;

the leading cause of child mortality in the country. 

By Donating 1 Filter, You Will:

Terra Icons_Terracota - Affordable.png

Save a family up to 6 million rupiahs in 2 years—a large amount of money for a family to spend on other essential basic needs.

Terra Icons_Blue - Family.png

Provide families an additional 6 extra hours a day—time that can be spent on economic or educational activities.

Terra Icons_Yellow - Carbon Emission.png

Reduce 30,4 kg of CO2 emissions due to boiling waterover time significantly reducing climate change and deforestation.


Providing access to safe drinking water for a family has been proven to save families time and money, provide economic opportunities especially to women as they are usually responsible for water in the home, increase educational opportunities for children since healthy kids can go to school, and literally, save lives.

Thanks to your donation, we can provide safe water available for everyone

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