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A donation of 30$ provides a filter and WASH training for 1 family


Thank you for your support!

By donating 1 water filter you will:

  1.  Save a family up to 7,3 million rupiahs in 2 years. That is 2,9 billion rupiahs for the whole village of Balik Bukit

  2. Provide families an additional 5 extra hours a day, time that can be spent on economic or educational activities.

  3. Reduce 30.4 kg of CO2 emissions due to boiling water from the environment, over time significantly reducing climate change and deforestation. 

Providing access to safe drinking water for a family has been proven to save families time and money, provide economic opportunities especially to women as they are usually responsible for water in the home, increase educational opportunities for children since healthy kids can go to school, and literally, save lives.
We need your help to provide this basic human right to Ibu Dewi and her village! DONATE NOW for Phase one of this project!

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This is Ibu Dewi, she lives in the small village of Balik Bukit, up near the Kintamani volcano about 70 kilometers from the center of Bali, Indonesia. Most days Ibu Dewi wakes up early in the morning to get water from her rain tank and boils it for several hours so her family has a day worth of drinking water. Often, they drink the water directly from the water tank or tap without cleaning it at all.

During the dry season, the conditions are worse because there is no rain at all. In order to get water, Ibu Dewi or her husband have to buy it from the bottom of the mountain, which is 8 kilometers away from the village. They spend 150,000 Rupiah for 750 liters of water, which is a lot for these families. In the dry season, Ibu Dewi's husband has no income from farming and will either have to manage the money they made in the rainy 3 months, or look for jobs outside of their regency. Meanwhile drilling to get well water in this village has not been done before because the area is so dry, therefore it may mean drilling hundreds of meters, which is costly and not guaranteed to work.

Ibu Dewi's family is only one of 400 other families in Bali Bukit that does not have running water in the home at all. In Bali, as is the case in most of Indonesia, most people rely on existing water sources outside their home for drinking water, such as rain, rivers, or nearby wells. According to the Ministry of Health, 60% of the families that boil their water do not boil it enough to kill harmful bacteria and parasites that contribute to more than 10% of child mortality in Indonesia. The COVID19 pandemic has worsened the economic situation of these families and has brought to light the importance of access to safe drinking water, and basic water, sanitation, and hygiene for preventing the spread of disease.


Kerja Bakti and Terra Water have come together for Phase One of a multi-phase project to support Ibu Dewi and her village with easy-to-use, affordable, and culturally appropriate solutions to help her and her family gain access to safe drinking water.

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 Together, let's   #FREETHEWATER

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CSR, Business Partnerships, Corporate Activities

We are always looking for partners to create mutually beneficial fundraising campaigns, media partnerships, or join existing projects.

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Contribute to water projects, operations or the tools that make giving safe drinking water possible:Corporate gift

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  • Gifts in Kind - we are always looking for soap and things like coloring books for kids

Rally your employees and customers to fundraise and spread the word:

  • Employee fundraising

  • Customer fundraising

  • Community Outreach

  • Media support, social media shoutouts, event integration

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Every time you purchase a filter from Terra you support our social and environmental programming. Terra gives special rates to our business partners:

  • Buy or subsidize the cost of filters for your employees so they have safe drinking water for themselves and their families. 

  • Buy a round a filters for a local community or project you want to support

Yayasan Tirta Indonesia Mandiri, represented by Terra, is a non-profit foundation registered with the Ministry of Indonesian Law and Human Rights.