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The Team


Christine R. Manson

Founder / Executive Director


Risyana Sukarma

Founder / Advisor


Alizar Anwar

Founder / Advisor


Rahde Sukadanna

Production Manager


I Gusti Ayu Purnama Sari

Community Outreach


Duhitta Hayyuardhini

Social Program Coordinator

An enterprise with a social mission

At terra, we believe that everyone deserves a life full of abundance and wellness. Our plan is to bring the life-saving benefits of safe water to every home, family, and lifestyle in Indonesia.


This story started almost 40 years ago with a simple, revolutionary idea to improve access to safe drinking water. In 1981 Guatemalan pharmacist and humanitarian Dr. Fernando Mazariegos developed the first ceramic water filter based on the idea that this highly-effective, low resource technology could be made anywhere in the world.

Soon enough, this life-changing technology became mainstream with over 30 ceramic water filter workshops worldwide not only assisting victims of disasters and families living in poverty, but urban families looking for cost savings solutions in their daily lives. To that end, this growth has proven that establishing a local ceramic water filter business can be a profitable social enterprise in a community that answers social and environmental challenges with a solution that funds its own operations.

After spending two years studying and training with the most successful ceramic water filter companies, and the world’s authorities on the technology, we launched terra in 2020. Our experience is based on 15 years of working in global development issues such as poverty, public health, and emergency management. In Indonesia, we have seen firsthand the severe impacts that contaminated water has on different aspects of people’s well-being. terra’s long-term vision is to identify at least ten locations in Indonesia that have a serious need to improve their quality of life. Our aim is to empower people in these places with training, financing, and business support so they can develop sustainable and viable water filter companies from the ground up that fulfill many essential economic, environmental and social demands of their community.

Our goal is to provide effective, sustainable, and cost savings solutions to families who would not otherwise have access to safe drinking water, or have relied on environmentally-damaging plastic bottles for their daily water needs. Our mission is to ensure this vital source of health is accessible to everyone so we can continue to nurture our people and our planet.

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