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13 Christmas Gift Ideas from Our Amazing Partners - Terra Water

Christmas celebrations are not complete without opening gifts on Christmas Eve. Philosophically, the practice of giving gifts comes from the story of three Wiseman who gave three gifts (e.g., gold, frankincense, and myrrh) to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This philosophy later became a tradition carried out to this day. Over time, various trends such as Secret Santa also began to emerge as one of Christmas traditions. Moreover, the Christmas traditions are relatively varied depending on individual preferences and culture. For example the giant lantern festival in the Philippines, or having specific dishes on Christmas night in Japan and Finland. Still, the essence of Christmas Eve remains the same, where we can spend time gathering with family, friends and loved ones while opening gifts. And that's when Christmas presents become tools in enlivening the joy on Christmas.

It should be noted that from a psychological perspective, giving gifts is also a way of expressing emotion and reinforcing relationships. Different gifts have different meanings, and they are used to communicate people's intentions. However, it should be emphasized, the essence of a present does not merely depend on the brands, the or the high price. Some people pay more attention to the practical and pleasing gift or its uniqueness. Besides the type of the gift, here are some things you can consider to make your Christmas more meaningful.

Spending Quality Time with our loved ones

Gifts are not only tangible objects but sometimes simple things like taking time out of our busy schedule to spend time with close friends and family can become a valuable gift. We can make Christmas moments meaningful by creating unforgettable memories. It’s the perfect time to set aside distractions like office work or technological devices to create an intimate experience with our loved ones.

Use eco-friendly gift wrapping

Christmas is indeed a massive celebration, but sometimes we are not aware that some of our behavior may harm the environment, one of which is gift wrapping. In the 1900s, people usually wrapped their Christmas gifts using newspaper and fabric cloth. However, many forms of gift wrapping in the market contain plastic in recent years. One of the surveys conducted in the UK in 2018 revealed that consumers spent 227,000 miles of plastic wrapping during the Christmas season, which was enough to wrap around the state of New Jersey, USA (Jessop, 2021). Therefore, let us not turn Christmas into a vast environmental disaster and switch to eco-friendly gift wrapping.

Give Back

Christmas celebration is not limited to family and friends; it is also a time to meet new people and share new experiences. If you want to make your Christmas celebration even more valuable, you can also donate to vulnerable children or families who cannot get gifts every year. Because everyone deserves to feel the sensation of the holiday season with happiness, only a small and simple gift can be handy to other people.

But have you ever run out of gift ideas to spice up your Christmas present? Here are some Christmas gift ideas starting from unique ideas to practical ones as your inspiration:

1. Gift of Joy with Alive Whole Foods

Terra Ceramic Hampers Christmas

Alive whole food store offers a variety of products from grocery to eco household items. They have two stores located in Canggu and Umalas, Bali, Indonesia. And during Christmas, Alive Whole Foods collaborated with Terra Water Indonesia to offer a limited edition' GIFT OF JOY package. It comes with ceramic filters and up-cycled glasses. Alive Whole Foods donates one water filter to families who need a safe drinking water solution in Bali for every purchase of this package. Therefore, thanks to You, we’re helping people in need to also feel the joy from Christmas.

2. Game Night with Elami and Co

Elami Games

For those of you who like to play board games on Christmas Eve, Elami and Co offer hand-printed games such as Bali Snakes & Ladders and Loteria de Bali. The games are made by local Indonesian craftsmen to build a community and embrace creative collaboration. The products are entirely handmade and plastic free as one of the gift ideas that are environmentally friendly and empowering the local community. Challenge your friends and family during Christmas eve by having an Elami and Co board game!

3. Show your love to the Earth with Tri Upcycle

Tri Upcycle Napkin

Tri Upcycle sells various Eco upcycled fabric merchandise. The company was inspired by Tri Hita Karana philosophy of how humans can create harmony with fellow people, nature, and God. They promote fabric waste reduction and conscious consumption to protect the forest. Therefore, by buying products from Tri Upcycle, you are not just reducing fabric waste, but 30% of your money is also allocated to support plant trees in the Indonesian forest. Various products such as a handkerchiefs, bandanas, facemasks, tote bags, hats, pillow covers, cutting boards, and cutlery sets can help us give gifts to others and to our nature.

4. Purchase to Embrace Awareness with Mudfish no Plastic


Mudfish no Plastic is a company whose vision is "to create a future free from single-use plastics through the universal language of art". Mudfish has various children's workshops to embrace awareness about single-use plastic and how they can be held accountable for their actions. To support their program, we can purchase their products such as reusable bottles and cutlery travel supplies. With the tagline 'you buy one, we gift one', we can get their products as Christmas gifts and support the spread of plastic awareness.

5. Support Kids Creativity on Green School One-Stop Project Shop

Green School Shop

Another idea to support the children during Christmas is to visit Green School One-Stop Project Shop. Green School is a place to learn theoretical knowledge, but it also facilitates students in realizing ideas, creativity, and various other experimental projects. The resulting products are sustainable and aligned to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. One example of its products is frisbees made from upcycled used-bottle caps that can be used as sustainable Christmas gift ideas.

6. Sustainable Swimwear from Flipflop and Treacle

Flip Flop

Talking about sustainable gifts is not just about the sustainable material but also includes sustainable production, and Flipflop and Treacle is an option. They offer a wide selection of swimwear with a minimalist, durable design and made of recycled fabric from fishing nets, pre & post consumer waste, and plastic bottles. But another uniqueness of Flipflop and Treacle is how they are concerned about the slow fashion trend by having a small production of their new collection instead of pushing the mass production, which actually results in more waste. They are also empowering local tailors in the production process of their product, which makes it a perfect choice as a sustainable gift for Christmas.

7. Pamper Day with Bali Soap

Bali Soap

Christmas is one of the international holidays in the world. It is good timing for relaxing and pampering days. Our friends at Bali Soap offer a variety of body care products, organic bar soap, and candles as inspiration for Christmas gifts to level up the pamper day. We can enjoy the sense of a home SPA with a variety of floral-scented body care that can relax our body and mind in this holiday season.

8. Quick and Easy Gift Set from Utama Spice

Aroma Therapy by Utama Spice

If you do not want to bother thinking about the gift details, you can check out Utama Spice's Gift Set. They also offer varieties of aromatherapy, face care, bath and body products, and other wellness products. The gift sets provided a combination of various Utama Spice products packaged using eco-friendly packaging made from paper or woven bamboo. The range of choices they offer is also varied, so you can adjust your Christmas gift choice to your budget.


For those who do not have time for such complicated gift options, vouchers can be the solution. You don't have to worry about the wrapping and the logistics to deliver the gift. Therefore, the following are some of our voucher's recommendations from our amazing partners.

9. Sedasa Lodge

Sedasa Lodge

Have a plan to have a staycation to celebrate Christmas? Maybe a stay voucher can be your Christmas gift choice. Sedasa Lodge is a cozy and friendly lodge intended chiefly for surfers. But don't worry, it still offers a comfortable place and restaurant, regardless of whether you are a surfer or not. Sedasa is located in Berawa, Canggu and has close access to the beach. Spending Christmas with a staycation near the beach can be a great idea for this year's Christmas celebration.

10. Rusters

Ceramic Making by Rusters

Besides its beautiful architecture café, Rusters also has a concept store that offers a range of jewelry, textiles, homemade products, and furniture. One of their highlights is the ceramic studio where they not only make beautiful ceramics for the restaurant, but also have ceramic-making workshops. A class voucher would be an exciting Christmas gift and cool learning experiences for our friends and families.

11. Be Well

Be Well - Healthy food

You can get another gift idea voucher from Be Well. They offer health-specific meal plans that can be delivered to your home. This gift idea is for those friends who have new year's resolutions to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Be Well has a variety of meal plan menus ranging from vegan to keto-based menus. They even offer various packages for people with multiple health concerns such as thyroid, digestion, and immunity. If you have friends and relatives that are conscientious of their health, these vouchers are a great idea.


Everyone has their preferences when it comes to choosing gifts. If you want to buy several gifts with different types of goods and different brands aimed at different people, then a consignment store is the solution. In this store, you can find various interesting items and here are some consignment store suggestions that can be your reference:

12. Biku

Biku Shop

Biku Bali is a restaurant that serves a variety of food menus ranging from Indonesian to western cuisine. While relaxing at the restaurant, you can also see various products on display, such as water bottles, merchandise, essential oils, home living decorations, and many other items that make great Christmas gifts. In addition, if you want a fabulous Christmas dinner, you can also reserve your table and spend Christmas with a variety of tasty menus to choose from at Biku Bal!

13. Ubud Yoga Center

Ubud Yoga Center Shop

Last but not least, another recommended store from the consignment category is Ubud Yoga Center. Besides selling yoga support equipment, in this store you can also find various products such as clothes, jewelry, body care, organic food, and various accessories from multiple brands to enrich your Christmas gift options.

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Johan Aris Haiva
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