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13 Christmas Gift Ideas from Our Amazing Partners - Terra Water

Christmas celebrations are not complete without opening gifts on Christmas Eve. Philosophically, the practice of giving gifts comes from the story of three Wiseman who gave three gifts (e.g., gold, frankincense, and myrrh) to celebrate the birth of Jesus. This philosophy later became a tradition carried out to this day. Over time, various trends such as Secret Santa also began to emerge as one of Christmas traditions. Moreover, the Christmas traditions are relatively varied depending on individual preferences and culture. For example the giant lantern festival in the Philippines, or having specific dishes on Christmas night in Japan and Finland. Still, the essence of Christmas Eve remains the same, where we can spend time gathering with family, friends and loved ones while opening gifts. And that's when Christmas presents become tools in enlivening the joy on Christmas.

It should be noted that from a psychological perspective, giving gifts is also a way of expressing emotion and reinforcing relationships. Different gifts have different meanings, and they are used to communicate people's intentions. However, it should be emphasiz