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Provide Access to Clean Drinking Water in Bali with Buying a Book

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the world, one of the most affected groups of people were communities in rural areas. People lost their jobs and their incomes decreased significantly. Some of them have attempted to change jobs, only to earn significantly less than usual. They find it very difficult to meet their daily needs, one of which is the need for clean water. These are uncertain times, especially for the most vulnerable people. In your immediate environment, or in your family, you know someone who deserves your attention during the confinement of this pandemic.

Terra Water Social Project

As a social enterprise, Terra is committed to making an impact socially, economically and environmentally through various social projects, which are project-based activities to observe social conditions to offer solutions to existing problems. At Terra Water we have worked so that individuals and families have clean, pure water at home, without installation costs, and without the additional effort of having to buy water. Terra believes that with its ceramic filter, any water sources can be utilised to meet the need for clean and decent water. Terra filter uses locally sourced clay that has been used by many traditional cultures, to provide a physical filtration system as an additional chemical purification carried out by the PDAM so that the community can use tap water for drinking needs. This filter is also an efficient solution since it does not require a battery or power source to operate. You can enjoy tap water in Bali safely using this filter.

Provide access of drinking water

Many people have to buy water at the risk it poses to their health. So we want to help people who need it most. We work in the direct implementation of programs and activities with local communities and groups, testing and executing actions that enable practical and sustainable development solutions to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) 6, clean water and sanitation. Terra Water distributes water filters to communities in rural areas in Bali, and this is how you can support it.

My Volunteer Experience

Water fIlter for vulnerable family

I am Ayu, a high school student from Green School Bali who is currently doing my internship program starting January 2022. In October 2021, I had the opportunity to volunteer with Terra Water in Songan village, Kintamani. We distributed daily basic necessities such as rice, eggs, instant noodles, evenly to the people in the village. We spent a 1.5 hours road trip from Denpasar. I could really feel how dry this village is. In this volunteering trip, our mission is to check and inspect the use of Terra water filters in people's houses, after being distributed 6 months earlier. We visited each house one by one and saw how the Terra filter was used.

For my first volunteer experience, I was touched how the Terra filter is so useful for meeting everyday water needs. Housewives who usually have to walk long distances down the hill to find water can now save their time to do other work. We also checked the condition of the filter, how they take care of it, whether it is clean or not, then conducted a test on the level of drinking water suitability.

My first volunteer experience was also filled with friendly and welcoming Terra people, I learned a lot from them. This trip to Songan gave me the opportunity to learn from people older than me and their experiences. To learn empathy and to be able to adapt, and be grateful for what we have. I realised this trip changed my way of thinking and my life.

After a day-long of volunteering with Terra, I went home and contemplated on my bed. I decided to dedicate a year of my time after high school to social work. I realized that this one day of volunteering would not only have an impact on many people in Songan, but also on me as an individual.

It's Your Turn to Help!

ABC Bali Book

If you are interested in social projects, apart from volunteering with us in distributing the water filter in Karangasem, Singaraja, and other areas in Bali, you can also help with the new projects that we have. Get to know Bali more by reading the Bali ABC’s book from Terra Water Indonesia. What makes the book so special? Well, on every purchase of the book, we will send one Terra water filter to the person you choose. Therefore you can simply help us to provide access to clean drinking Water in Bali for the most vulnerable families.

Bali ABC’s is a book written by Declan Robinson about different illustrations celebrating life in Bali with fun alphabetical rhymes. Declan Robinson, a student at Bali Island School wants to give back to the island of Bali and support the people. “I was honoured to be able to work together with such a terrific home-grown artist to depict local Balinese culture and life to create this book in support of the wonderful Terra team to give back to the island of the Gods!” said Robinson.

This ABC’s book is intended for all ages. With amazing illustrations by Made Griyawan, a fine practitioner from Batuan, Ubud and a humble language that is easy to understand, this book is very suitable to be read to preschool kids. For those of you who have just come to visit or decide to stay in Bali, you need to understand the Indonesian language we used. This book contains Indonesian words that are often used so you can use them in daily conversations.

Help us in providing access to clean water in Bali by just simply sharing this information to your friends and family and purchasing the ABC’s book.

Here is how to make your donation:

You can simply buy our ABC’s book here. Terra will donate one filter to the vulnerable family for every single purchase of the book. Thank you for supporting our social project as well as contributing socially and economically to others and for our environment.

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