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Sustainability Aspects of Ceramic Water Filter | Terra Water

When we talk about sustainability of a product, what comes to your mind? Do you think of the packaging? Perhaps how long you can reuse the product without needing to buy a new one? Or for some people sustainability of a product is closely related to its impact to the environment throughout its lifetime. People might have different meanings of what sustainability is, but one thing for sure, the demand for sustainability in our lifestyles is rising, and it's here to stay. A great way to start approaching sustainability is through an audit of various simple products that we use on a daily basis. One aspect that is often overlooked is part of a necessity in our daily life, that is drinking water. How you can upgrade your drinking water proses to become more sustainable with water filters

Water filters are one of the primary products to facilitate us in meeting the needs of clean and safe water consumption. We see various types of water filters on the market, ranging from simple filtering methods with cloth bags in the Greek era, the boiling process, which is still carried out by some rural communities, and the emergence of different sophisticated filter technologies. However, several questions began to emerge regarding the sustainability aspect of the water filter.

Is Water Filter Sustainable?