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Benefits of Locally-Sourced Ceramic Water Filters from Terra

Do you consider yourself as a sustainably conscious customer? If you are aware of your consumption impact, you are part of the team! As a customer who is concerned about the sustainability aspect, you should know that your simple action, such as choosing the products you use every day, can have a very significant impact. When we talk about sustainability consumption, it is basically the use of products/services that stimulate positive impacts on social, economic, and environmental aspects in current and future generations.

Sustainable Consumption on Product

Changing Customer Behaviour

The issue of sustainability has indirectly shifted our buying behaviour to be more careful. Customers nowadays have to be quite selective about choosing a product on the market. Many unethical companies deliberately carry out massive exploitation in pursuit of maximum profit. For this reason, the choice of products and services that we use will greatly determine the sustainability of an irresponsible company. The increased use of goods from unsustainable companies will generate greater demand and encourage these companies to further carry out its unscrupulous actions. Thus, it will significantly harm the economy, community, and planet.

Industry Response Towards Changing Customer Behaviour

Responding to sustainability issues and shifts does not only occur at the individual level, which in this case, the customer. At the industrial level, several companies started showing their movements on sustainability, including our company Terra Water Indonesia. Sustainability is not only applied in the form of product innovation. Still, it has become our company's commitment and its management's devotion to the triple bottom line. Some companies may take a sustainability approach just for the sake of profit, to promote reputation or to obtain governmental benefits. However, Terra Water is present as a form of awareness towards people and the planet. Product-wise, Terra produces ceramic water filters that are designed with microscopic pores to filter water from tap water, rainwater, and lakes into water fit for consumption.

Our company does not only reach market segments with various economic backgrounds. Terra actively donates its profit to provide access to safe drinking water for vulnerable families. Terra's dedication is also expressed in multiple forms of social action and education related to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) to the community.

Terra Water Sustainable Approach

However, this action is not only intended for publicity; all processes carried out in the backstage (e.g., procurement, production, packaging, shipment) are carried out sustainably. To manufacture ceramic water filters and a range of complementary products on offer. Instead of bringing in experts from outside or using imported materials, we empowers local communities and also locally sources all materials. What makes working with locals so notable in terms of sustainability?

The last aspect of the social development goals (SDG) declared by the United Nations states 'Partnership For The Goals'. The company will not be able to sustain itself in the long term if it does not develop a good relationship with other businesses. By including the participation of the locals, Terra does not reduce the quality of its products in the slightest, instead providing benefits to potential sustainably conscious customers with every product purchase. What are the benefits of buying Locally Sourced Ceramic Water Filters?

Benefits of Locally Sourced Ceramic Water Filters from Terra

Terra Water Social Aspect

Social Benefits | Create and Retain Valuable Jobs for Locals

Unlike large manufacturers, local companies usually have a relatively smaller production capacity. This causes local companies to rely heavily on purchases from B2B in large and consistent quantities compared to retail purchases. Small profits generated by local companies can lead to cost savings by firing employees. Especially. The Covid-19 pandemic has become a difficult time for some vulnerable groups. However, Terra directly supports job creation by empowering local companies in supply chain management.

Terra Water Economicl Aspect

Economic Benefits | Support Local Economy

Terra has become an economic booster for the local community by collaborating with local artisans and employing local communities in all company operational activities. Terra also plays a role in cutting out intermediaries in the local company's supply chain so as to support savings for locals. In implementing an inclusive business strategy, we do not only cooperate with local people for popularity; instead, Terra aims to form a mutualistic reciprocal relationship.

Terra Water Environmental Aspect

Environmental Benefits | Reduce Energy Consumption and Produce Less Pollution!

In terms of functionality, the ceramic water filter from Terra is designed to reduce energy consumption, such as electricity, without using a generator and utilizing gravity. By purchasing a Terra filter product, you are already participating in reducing your daily energy consumption. However, by locally sourced materials in the manufacture of products, our company is also involved in reducing the use of water, electricity, gas and patrols that are borne in carrying out the shipping process. Accumulatively, the resulting pollution (e.g., water and carbon pollution) is also reduced. With the Terra water filter, you can help reduce the greenhouse effect that can erode the ozone layer on earth.

As part of the industry players, Terra Water strives to implement sustainable consumption in production and operations. Our company supports the conservation of natural resources for future generations. Terra also enforces a strict policy of responsible use of resources. By buying a ceramic water filter product from Terra Water, you have helped reduce electricity and water use. Terra is aware of the concerns of sustainable-conscious customers nowadays and is dedicated to implementing sustainable practices in its product, process, and business model.

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