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Movements to save the Environment | Bali’s Biggest Clean Up

Bali island, which is famous for its natural beauty and cultural traditions, has now begun to face a major environmental issue. While in 2018 Bali Government declared the ban of single-use plastic, it was not enough to stop the plastic pollution issue. The plastic ban regulation is proving to be a major milestone, but it is only the beginning of eradicating plastic pollution from Bali. In fact just one year after in 2019, TPA Suwung, Bali's largest landfill which houses waste generated from the tourism industry in Badung Regency, was set on fire for days. With this situation, in 2022, the government will slowly close the Suwung landfills and encourage the community to start reducing waste and ban the single-use of plastic.

Looking back to the plastic ban back in 2018, one of the major voices in various environmental movements in Bali, Melati Wisjen who was at the time 17 years old. Melati is the founder of Bye-bye Plastic Bag movement and most recently Youthtopia, an online platform where young change-makers from all over the world gather and exchange knowledge with each other. As a young activist, Melati expressed her missio